Friday, January 11, 2013

I'm back, and a little history ..

So I have had this blog since 2009 and have never really taken off with it. I am going to give it another try. First of all here is a little back story on me,with pics.

I started my getting healthy and fit journey in 2011. I started walking at the park with a friend. Then got the idea to do a 5k walk/run May of 2011. I then wanted to do more races. I started out at 168lbs. My first 5k I walked/jogged it. I finished in 45min.
Fast forward to January 19th 2012. I joined the Y and went to my free training sessions. I was at 165lbs at that time. I started to workout almost every day of the week. I also did a boot camp class through the Y. I started to see the number going down!

In may of 2012 I did my 5th 5k. This was the same one as in 2011, I finished with a personal best time of 35min. I think I ran most of it. I can finally run a full 5k, I have ran 2 5ks all the way through.

I am now down to 146.2lbs. I have been holding between 150 and 145 for 5 months. I am at my wall! I still have about 20 more lbs to go.

In total I have ran/walked 16 5ks since may 2011. On 12/12/12 I ran my 1st 12K (7.4 miles). I took the rest of December off.

I try to do one a month. I am currently upping my millage on my weekly runs. This year I will run 5Ks,10ks and will also train to do my first half marathon on May 5,2013.

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